Color Coordinated Styled Stock Photos to Revitalize Your Social


We love styled stock photos (as if you didn’t know)  and offer thousands of choices because every image isn’t for everyone.  But every image is right for someone. It’s important to be intentional when looking for the best images to support your brand.

A great way to set you and your brand apart from everyone else is to use color coordinated styled stock photos in your social media posts. This technique requires you to take a look at your brand’s color palette, whether it’s seasonal or evergreen. If you don’t yet have a brand guide or graphic standards, just take a look at the colors in your logo, website and advertising.


You can, and should, use these colors to build your social media image library. Let’s say your brand color is the very on-trend millennial pink, also known as Tumblr pink. Don’t worry about finding perfect PMS color or hex, rgb or HTML color code matches – the goal is for your brand colors to consistently pop throughout your social media so your followers associate that color with your brand. Imagine your brand’s beautiful 9 grid!

Now, let’s bring that grid to life. Remember, instead of using your logo design, you’re going to use your logo’s color to represent your brand. To find the perfect styled stock photos you can search for them by name and save to your Social Squares account. Look for images that feature objects like a notebook, pen, painting, flower, gift box or computer with that color to include in your social media with a caption that best fits your brand. And if captions are a pain to come up with, definitely check out our favorite caption ideas in this blog. You can even choose clever quotes written in your brand color.

Integrating stock photos featuring your brand colors will help your audience quickly recognize you in their Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other feeds.

To learn more about deciding if a stock photo works for you, when to use them and how to use them so you can curate your personal assortment of brand-right images, check out our blog for more articles like this one on the easy way to find stock images that are perfect for your brand. 


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