Thanks to our very own Social Squares community member and Pinterest expert Jen Vazquez for an incredible August Power Hour of collaborative hands-on training.  Jen is an enormous asset to us at Social Squares.  

Jen is all about working smarter not harder, and repurposing content across platforms. She is one of the most strategic people we know, so you can trust that her recommendations always have an objective. She doesn’t tell you to do something just to do it. And, she doesn’t suggest one-hit-wonders. Everything Jen does is intentional across all of her marketing platforms.



1. Use Pinterest! Everyone should. Pinterest is a great platform for organic growth that doesn’t have to cost anything. It’s completely free and you don’t need to buy ads to be successful.  Pinterest has fabulous ads, but don’t worry if you don’t have an ad budget. You can build great traffic with these tips.

With 478 Million users, your target audience is on Pinterest. And, they’re looking to be inspired, find their next purchase and learn how to do stuff. Pinterest is all about early insights. Early advantage people use Pinterest to plan for the future. 60% are women and 45% of people in the United States with household incomes over $100,000 are on Pinterest.


2. If you don’t think you can get customers from Pinterest, think again. Pinterest is the very top of your marketing funnel. It’s your introduction to new customers. Once they find you on Pinterest and like what they see, they’ll save or click to your website and check out your Instagram. Then, after they’ve been watching and stalking you for a little while, they may reach out to you on Instagram. 

Often, when you ask a client where they found you, they tell you where they were immediately before contacting you, not how they first found you. 


3. Pinterest changes all the time so it’s best to look on the platform itself for the most up-to-date information. Be very careful with Pinterest-related information found on YouTube and Google, for example. It could be old and out-of-date. Always verify information on Pinterest.


The next 4 recommendations for Pinterest success are tried and true. They won’t change much, if at all.


4. Be consistent. Whether you can post twice a day, 5 times a day, 10 times or 20 times each day, it’s critical to post consistently, every day, without fail.  Life gets busy, so use a Tailwind or third-party poster. You can even schedule pins up to 2 weeks in advance right on the Pinterest platform. You can always revise the schedule so your posts are consistent. 


5. Keywords are the main way you can be successful on Pinterest. But they may not be the keywords you think they are. You need to know the keywords your ideal clients are using. For example, a wedding photographer might use the keywords “engagement sessions.” Other photographers might use that terminology, but not your clients. Better performing keywords might be “romantic photos”, “dark and moody photos” or “light and airy photos”. Also use location-specific keywords like nearby cities, towns or counties such as “San Jose wedding photographer”.


6. Build a smart and simple strategy and find your workflow. There is no silver bullet strategy and workflow that’s best for everybody.  You need to create a workflow for the way you work and fit Pinterest into that workflow. Otherwise, you won’t stick with it. 

Think about completing similar tasks at the same time. For instance, when you’re designing graphics for Instagram, go ahead and immediately redesign them for Pinterest size graphics, and any other specs you will need.


7. If you’re not looking at analytics or insights, you’re driving your business…blindfolded. If you’re thinking I’m doing all of this work but not getting the results you want, you probably don’t know why. 

Review your analytics at least monthly. Weekly reviews are going to be even more helpful. You’ll see what’s working, what’s not working, where and when it’s not working so you can make some changes and improve your results.


8. Use Idea pins to win big, even though they don’t go to your content. Idea pins (they used to be called Story pins) are sequences of short video clips, or short graphic images that users tap through, much like stories on Instagram. The idea is that followers can learn in this one idea pin, know how to do something and be done.  Unlike Standard pins (a single graphic or a collection of single images with an external link that goes to your content) and Video pins (a single video with an external link that goes to your content), Idea pins don’t go to your content.



When you use Idea pins, you get brand awareness, you get people going to your profile and following you, and you get a mega ton of engagement…everything you need to tell Pinterest that you’re awesome. Then, they show all your standard pins and all your video pins, as well. It’s like winning the lottery with a powerball that multiplies your winnings!


9. Make sure your Pinterest profile is completely optimized so people will know within two or three seconds who you are, what you do, how you might be able to help them and how to contact you.


10. From your very first Idea pin, make sure that every single one tells the beginning to end story or idea or teaching lesson that is told in its entirety within that Idea pin so they don’t have to go anywhere else for any additional information.



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