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“SS is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. It has literally cut my content creation time in half.”

Total game-changer.

-Sarah McFarland

We help you show up online effortlessly:


Get endless stock photography

Access our catalogue of over 5,000 stock images for your Instagram, blog, website, Pinterest pins, Facebook groups, newsletters and digital marketing needs.


Easily find the perfect image

Stop wasting time looking for the right image. With Custom Curation™, set your brand colors and keywords and instantly enjoy a highly personalized image gallery showing the images that are a GREAT fit for your brand.


Dial in your digital marketing strategies

Members get amazing digital marketing training bonuses!


Never second-guess with community and accountability

Join our members-only Facebook community for bonus tips from the team, quick tutorials, accountability from other members, and access to the SS team for all of your questions.

Meet a Social Squares user!
Astrid uses images like these
Shay Cochrane, Founder and CEO of Social Squares

A little message from Shay

The average small business owner posts to social media 1-3 time a day, 5-7 days a week?  If you are doing the math, thats as many as 90 images a month! And then you add to that the need for fresh Pinterest pins to drive traffic to your content, email marketing and the need for images goes on and on.

Needless to say, today’s small business owner faces an unprecedented high demand for fresh imagery to keep their clients engaged across a variety of online platforms. Social Squares makes owning an online business easier than ever by functioning as your one-stop-shop for all of your image needs.

My favorite feedback from subscribers is that this is “the best business investment they have ever made.” I’m so confident that the same will be true for you that if for some reason you are not satisfied you can unsubscribe from your monthly membership at any time.



Meet a Social Squares user!
Emily uses images like these
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The Everygirl
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Actually no! We have both square AND vertical images in our catalogue. Perfect for Pinterest!

Absolutely not! They are also great for Facebook, newsletters, Pinterest, blog posts, websites, Instagram stories and on and on. Bottom line – they are yours to help you do business beautifully in whatever way you need!

Nah, it’s cool. Of course we would love to come show you some love if you want to tag us @socialsquares with the #socialsquares hashtag!

Big enough but not too big! Every image is either 1200 x 1200 pixels (square) or 1200 longest end (vertical). In case you were wondering, 1200 px is the recommended resolution for any image on the web to keep load time to a minimum!

All of them. Download your heart out.

Every kind! All the good kinds, at least.  Everything you see on this page came from the Member’s Image gallery and there is SO much more!

There’s really only one way to find out. Seriously though, try it for one month for the price of a pair of shoes from Target and if it’s not a great fit you can cancel anytime! No hard feelings!

We are pretty confident that you are NOT going to want to cancel but just in case, monthly members can cancel anytime. We will only die a little on the inside.

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